"I am a self taught artist and have been painting all my life, it seems second nature to have a canvas on the easel and I am always planning and thinking of my next projects!
Although having rheumatoid arthritis from a young age, with many operations, it has not stopped me working or painting, infact it has made me appreciate life and the countryside around me which has given me my inspiration to paint, following the seasons of the year for inspiration!"

My favourite medium is oil using traditional colours, mixing my own variants. I like the texture and impasto way of using the oils.
I also work with pastels with the fantastic range of colours available, they blend well for atmospheric paintings. - I like to keep trying different techniques and mediums and experiment with colour. At the moment I have been working with watercolour and acrylic inks adding mediums and extra effects with silver and gold. It has been exciting to do some different work!